This is the key-note of the Villa des Bégards. Top-quality produce the Chef sanctifies in the plate at each stage of creating the menu. François Piscitello tackles the delicate work of achieving balance, enhancing the initial taste while adding freshness to the dish as well as both lightness and depth.

Customers come to the Villa des Bégards to be astonished, to discover a flavour, to find an unexpected alliance as they rediscover the signature stamp of the Chef, in other words his very personal style of cooking, Cooking which is faithful to itself, minimalist without being narrow in any sense, free and creative. With its heart set on the pleasure of the moment.

The final creation of a dish doesn’t necessarily interest François Piscitello. What’s important to him is not to set it in stone once and for all, it’s to make it develop depending on the taste of the product involved or what he wants to achieve at that particular moment. It’s cooking which is inspired as it moves along – to achieve perfection as near as possible.

Deliberately far from the chaos and glare of the spotlight, the path chosen by François Piscitello could seem solitary. It’s nothing of the sort. Even if the Chef tells himself that he’s more at ease with the language of flavour than with that of words, the sharing experience to which he invites you is whole and sincere. From the world of fashion which was his, from decoration and the arts which he is fond of, to that of gastronomy, François Piscitello develops without a break, driven by a declared taste for aesthetics and elegance. The Villa des Bégards and its dishes are the expression of a confident luxury, without embellishments. They also convey his rigour and attention to the very last detail. His first restaurant in a pedestrianised street in Liège bore the name of the famous novel by Alexis Curvers, ‘Tempo di Roma’. Then there was the Enoteca, in the Rue de la Casquette for two years. The Jardin des Bégards opened in 2000 and was awarded a Michelin star in 2012. The Villa des Bégards opened in June 2016, after almost a year of consistent and substantial work.   

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